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Our Dear Winner,


You have won the sum of Ł710,000 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND TEN THOUSAND,POUNDS

STERLING ) from BRITISH LOTTERY on our 2007 new year charity BonanzaGame,from

which your Address came out as the winning coupon.


The winning ticket was selected from a Data Base of Internet Email Users,

from which your Address came out as the winning coupon.


We hereby urge you to claim the winning amount quickly as this is a

monthly lottery. Failure to claim your win will result into the reversion

of the fund to our following month.


Department below quoting winning number:05:06:18:22:24:38( BONUS 10)


Contact: MRS WILLIAMS MARY to collect your winning with this email


Provide the following information needed to process your winning claim.




3.Marital Status:





8.Country Of Residence:

9.Telephone Number:

10.Fax Number:

11.Draw Number above:


Congratulations once again.


note: we shall pay your claims through our UK Delivery Office please

contact our helpdesk urgently by phone for comfirmation.


please quote your winning number.

Regards, Join Dale

B.B.C Department..

National Lottery Results


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